2nd ‘Creationism’ Measure Tabled in New Mexico - Two Down, Two to Go


Previous activity on Intelligent Design/Creationist bills in the New Mexico Legislature were discussed here and here.

Today, House Bill 506, “AN ACT RELATING TO PUBLIC EDUCATION; PROVIDING FOR SCHOOL SCIENCE CONTENT STANDARDS AND RULES REGARDING THE TEACHING OF THEORIES OF BIOLOGICAL ORIGINS.” was heard today in the NM House Education Committee: only Mike Edenburn, at sponsor Dub Williams’ side, spoke in favor of the bill. Speaking against were several scientists and educators, myself included.

After the comments, sponsor Dub Williams himself voted to table the bill, which was then tabled 8-4. (I was expecting the same 7-5 split as for the bill on teaching Bible as History, HB 498, which was tabled just before the HB 506 discussion.) But Williams himself moved to table his bill.

Only the Senate measures (Senate Bill 371, “SCHOOL SCIENCE CONTENT STANDARDS,” and Senate Joint Memorial 9, “OBJECTIVE TEACHING OF BIOLOGICAL ORIGINS.”) remain under consideration in the current session.

Two down, two to go.


NCSE has put up some additional information here.

So far, the local media haven’t noticed, or are preoccupied with other News.


NCSE has also just put up some information on the Tennessee Senate Resolution 17 by Raymond Finney ( http://www.legislature.state.tn.us/[…]L/SR0017.pdf )

It’s the classic fundamentalist ploy of trying to trap someone in a dilemma. No matter what the answer, you are “caught” like a demon in a Ghost Buster trap.

Maybe Mr. Finney should be grilled on how he or any of his fundaMENTALIST cronies are going to demonstrate the truth of any answers the commissioner of the department of education or anyone else gives to that set of questions. Notice that they attempted to formulate the set of questions in a way that doesn’t require them to demonstrate that they or anyone else knows anything about a creator. How stupid do they think people are?

If I were in the Tennessee senate, I would introduce another resolution or an amendment to his resolution that Finney first PROVES to the world that he knows anything about the mind of god. If he is able to do so, they HE should be the one to go out into the schools and enlighten us and the resolution should be withdrawn. If he can’t, the resolution should be withdrawn.

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