Russian Scopes Trial over


Well, I was having a hard time imagining this one anyway:

Anti-Darwin Suit Dismissed

The Oktyabrsky District Court in St. Petersburg on Wednesday threw out a lawsuit filed by Maria Shraiber, a 15-year-old who argued that being taught the theory of evolution in school violated her civil rights, Interfax reported.

The court also dismissed Shraiber’s request that the government provide her with a written apology for offending her religious beliefs. Shraiber’s representatives vowed to appeal the ruling to St. Petersburg’s City Court. (MT)

Next country to watch: the Dominican Republic.


“Well, I was having a hard time imagining this one anyway”

I did have certain doubts - that swine, the Patriarch, had implicitly supported the Shrajbers. And the courts are far from free and uncorrupted in Russia. Let’s hope nothing happens on appeal.

They should have ruled that she be publicly spanked for wasting the court’s time, and her father as well.

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