Triangle Meetup Today


I’m just here reminding y’all that Prof. Steve Steve will have lunch at Cafe Cyclo in Raleigh, NC’s Cameron Village today (Saturday). Come by at 1 PM if you want to hang out with a septuple-PhD.



Have fun without me. I just got back from Local 506 and too much drinky drinky. Cafe Cyclo has a great interior and some cute waitresses, but I recommend getting the coffee from the Starbucks in the Harris Teeter around the corner and sneaking it into Cyclo.

Sorry, too sick to get out of bed.…

Well Prof. Steve Steve and I just got back. Cafe Cyclo was closed so we ended up sitting outside at the Village Deli. Nic George and his better half Sally showed up a little after we got there. Engineer Poet came a bit later. I’ll have pictures up later.

Prof. Steve Steve said that he wants to do this again both in Raleigh and in other cool towns.

’Twas a good time.  It’s the first time I’ve sat outside in shirtsleeves in February since my tour of Texas.

BTW, Nic and Reed:  Drop me an e-mail for more info on our subjects of conversation.

Prof. Steve Steve was taller and a lot more talkative than I imagined he would be.

Sometime I hope you decide to meet closer to Indiana.

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