Nothing to do this weekend?


Just a reminder that there will be a symposium this weekend discussing evolution and intelligent design at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa (and featuring PT-er Wes Elsberry). The event is geared toward those interested in matters of faith or science; teachers; principals; college students majoring in education, science and religion/philosophy; clergy; and parish educators. Scholarships are available for the first 200 K-12 educators, board of education members, school administrators, etc. who apply–still plenty of those left, so if you know anyone who’d be interested, point them in our direction. I’m including the text of one press release below the jump; all the information (including registration and hotel) can be found at the symposium website.

WAVERLY, Iowa - Wartburg College will host a science and religion conference through Iowans for Religion and Science Dialogue Friday, March 16 and Saturday, March 17. “Evolution and Intelligent Design” is the topic of this year’s event.

The conference is free to the first 200 Iowa K-12 educators who apply for a scholarship, through the Web site at Registration is $30.

The purpose of the conference is to clarify issues surrounding the evolution and Intelligent Design debate and present tools to resolve conflict in the classroom and community.

Presenters include Dr. John Haught, Ph. D. research professor, at Georgetown University; Dr. Wesley Elsberry, Ph. D. National Council for Science Education; Jennifer Miller, teacher and witness Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District; and John Ayers, adjunct professor at Waldorf College and retired Des Moines attorney and magistrate specializing in mediation and arbitration.

Attendees can take part in a series of workshops on Intelligent Design; interpreting biblical creation stories; “God after Darwin;” relating science and religion; and lessons from Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District. Participants will also receive a DVD produced for this symposium.


Also of note, Hofstra University (outside NYC) is hosting a lecture on teaching evolution and the evolution “controversy” on Mar 22 at 7:30 PM[…]lectures.cfm

Materials from the same presentation are available here from the Center of Teaching Excellence of the University of Maryland.[…]ryary03.html

Cheers, David vun Kannon

Oh, crud, I was going to go - this snuck up on me.

No one is driving in from the Twin Cities, I take it?

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