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Hi all,

Last weekend I meet a few friends for lunch in Raleigh’s Cameron Village. We had a great time sitting out side drinking coffee and eating sandwiches. I really want to do it again, both in Raleigh and other great towns. On that note, I’ll be tagging along with Evolgen’s RPM to the Fly Conference in Philadelphia next week. If any of my fans will be at the conference or just in the area, go drop RPM a line and see if we can meet up for cheese steaks and bamboo beer.

Now for some pictures of the Raleigh meetup. [Note: You can find many of my pictures in my gallery, including ones from the Science Blogging Conference, where many people were begging me for photos.]


Nic George, a postdoc at NCSU, is agreeing here to be my vassal. I made him a offer he couldn’t refuse.



Nic and Sally brought Dr. Katie Koala, Australia’s Science Ambassador, with them. Only one of us is a true bear, I bet you didn’t know that.



Katie’s dress was very fetching, even if a little revealing. Of course, I was shocked that she so flagrantly flashed her knickers about, but was assured that it is an Australian tradition. Then Katie pointed that I was wearing nothing but a bow tie, saying something about the Chip ‘n’ Dale chipmunks. She lent me her dress insisting that I be more modest than she was.



Oh no, Steve Steve just proved that evilution leads to cross-dressing!

I shook the hand of THE Professor Steve Steve! What an honor!

As Katie explained at the time, Australia is a hot country, underpants and Speedos (aka: budgie-smugglers are acceptable attire under some circumstances.

Seriously though, if any one at NCSU wants to get together and discuss science/evolution over a coffee please let me know.

Hey, I couldn’t avoid noticing the way Steve Steve watches Katie Koala… And the fact that he is borrowing her dress, it’s just obvious! He’s flirting! Oh my god.

It probably won’t work out though - the guy’s all thumbs. ;)

And also, it might be a bit hard to find eucalyptus in bamboo forests…

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