Tangled Bank #74

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The Tangled Bank

Well, finally…a certain evil monkey quite playing around to bring us Tangled Bank #74, in which he says cruel things about me. You'll want to read it just to see how he crushed my delicate feelings.

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This Sunday’s NYT magazine has an article on the evolution of religious belief. In other words, what adaptive purpose does religion serve, if any? Or is it simply an accidental by-product of truly adaptive mental reflexes?

Also of interest is Codefarm, a UK leader in structured credit software. Their main product is “Galapagos”, for the simple reason that their software is Darwinian, and they let everyone know, right there on their homepage. So if anyone ever asks again “where the money is”, you’ll know where to point them. I kind of suspect potential customers with creationist aka intelligentdesignist management are going to find themselves Waterlooed by their competition.

And wow, they are hiring!! So if you’re in England, and good with evolutionary programming, and familiar with modern financial mathematics, they might like to here from you. Extra irony: the list of skills includes “design patterns”, a technical term that has absolutely nothing to do with CSI or ID.

Disclaimer: I have no connection with the NYT or Codefarm.

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