The deniers of science Part 1: Intelligent Design

On Uncommon Descent we learn why global warming deniers share so much with evolution deniers and why people should be wary of Intelligent Design:

Gildodgen wrote:

Computer simulations of global warming and Darwinian mechanisms in biology should not be trusted, because they can’t be subjected to empirical verification. In these two areas, computer simulations and models can degenerate into nothing more than digital just-so stories — in one category about the future, and in the other about the past. The programmer can produce whatever outcome he desires, by choosing initial assumptions and algorithms, and weighting various factors to produce a desired output.

First of all GilDodgen explains why one should be critical about Intelligent Design when he ‘argues’ “Don’t Trust Computer Simulations And Models That Can’t Be Tested Against Reality”. In other words, the scientific vacuity of ID should be a major source of concern. But there is more and I will address this in my second installment.