Wear the Whale!


As a followup to my recent fisking of Egnor, I wanted everyone to know that T-shirts are still available. (Do an in-article find for “ambulocetus” and check out the links.) I just bought mine today and it should arrive by the end of the week.

Get your T-shirts here.

Maybe I’m the only one who thinks this is totally awesome way to show your support for evolution, seem ostensibly athletic, and needle Behe* all at the same time, but that’s okay. (I don’t get out much.)


*To understand the reference, Behe liked to drop the lack of whale transitional fossils (search for “whale” in that link) as a problem for evolution wink wink nudge nudge must have been ID. That was before a dude named Thewissen, who later became head football coach at NEOUCOM got a grant to dig in the Indus Valley. (Behe doesn’t mention whale evolution any more, for some reason. But you should.)


I had missed this the first time around; thanks for the reminder! The shirt is awesome, but Ray Troll’s shirts are by far my favorite evo-wear (“Chuckie D says ‘Embrace your inner fish’”, “It’s Never too Late to Mutate”, and “The Data is in the Strata” being among the best).

Of course for creationists that would be “Where the Whale?”

Re “Where the Whale?”

Indus Valley, apparently. ;)

The football schedule over there is interesting. On October 7, they play the “Biochemistry College Folding Proteins.” Anything with ‘folding’ in it is a really bad name for an athletic team.

In other news, The Design Paradigm, a blog run by members of the IDEA Club at Cornell University posted a topic on February 17th: Does Darwinism predict anything? The news is that there is no news. Multiple responses made to that post have not appeared on their web site. No new responses have shown up since Feb. 21st. “We were too busy to approve any responses” won’t wash because they put up a new, different topic just today. It certainly appears that TDP has quashed the discussion because it wasn’t turning out as they hoped. As Michael Behe says, “If it walks like a duck…”

Re “: Does Darwinism predict anything?”

Well, common ancestry predicts things (nested hierarchy for one). Differential reproductive success of heritable variety (aka “natural selection”) predicts things. Genetic drift predicts some things. I’m not sure that there’s all that much relevance to what “Darwinism” (whatever it is) might predict.


“Darwinism” predicted we would find a mechanism for inherited traits. We did.

Always remember when dealing with IDers and prediction to focus on its nonfalsifiable nature. They claim that ID is consistent with whatever is found. Emphasized that for evolution, these things had to be true. No choice. Had they been otherwise, evolution would have fallen. ID on the other hand, risked nothing. It can be warped to fit anything. That being the case, ID didn’t pass any of the tests, because it didn’t take any.

Evolution is the batter who keeps getting hits. ID is the guy who only sits in the dugout bragging that he has still never struck out.

The Natans are undefeated, I hear – like the Comets football team at the University of Texas at Dallas. Since these two teams appear to be in different divisions, a national championship playoff is not in the cards.

What can we do about it?

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