Hexley: Evidence of Evolution’s Satanic Origins



In another observation of pop culture’s war on ID, I bring you a remark by Wired:

Apparently feeling pressured by Tux, supporters of Darwin, an open-source version of the Mac OS, decided they needed their own mascot. The result is Hexley, a curious platypus who in some images is portrayed with horns and a pitchfork – enough evidence for several intelligent design theorists to offer him as proof of the satanic origins of evolutionary biology.

This is additionally funny to us because we run FreeBSD, whose mascot, Beastie, inspired Hexley.


Krauze and several other intelligent-design activists over at Telic Thoughts have the mistaken belief that in the above post I took the remark by Wired to be serious. To me that remark was an obvious joke, poking fun at intelligent-design activists and creationists. I still can’t find anything in my post that suggests that I was using Wired as a reference. (I can’t even think of a reason why PT would even use random remarks by Wired as a reference for happenings among idists.)


Well you know how it is, Hexley has the unavoidable appearance of being Satanic. Or anyway, he looks as Satanic as the flagellum looks like an outboard motor.

Glen D http://tinyurl.com/35s39o

Maybe I request the correction of the link? The devil must have gotten the best of it.

It might be a good idea (if only for copyright reasons) to compare Beastie and maybe Hexley as well, with the little devil that was designed in the 1960’s by one PAULA from Cincinnati, Ohio. I still possess a notepad printed in 1968, the cover of which reads: “Paula presents Speak Of The Devil!! A satanic stationary assortment of devil-may-care humor. Fire-sale priced at 59c Copyright 1968 - 59 ASP 152” I have no means to show an example here, but I could send a jpg by ordinary e-mail, if I know an address.

Fixed. My cut and paste skills are horrible today.

Also, the BSD Daemon’s tail looks a lot like a flagellum. Coincidence? I think not!

Of course, that cartoon resembles a platypus about as much as the road runner cartoon resembles an actual road runner.

Reed Wrote:

proof of the satanic origins of evolutionary biology

No, no, no! The IDiots missed the point, as usual. It is proof of the satanic origins of software systems.

And if they think that background processes could have been named ‘angels’, they don’t know how asinine such software can be.

Being an evolutionary development from Unix, this software contains daemons!

So they were trying for Darwin’s bulldog, Huxley and ended up with Hexley the platypus. It all makes sense, now.

I’ll keep the OS, in spite of learning this.

This is old news. The TRUTH about Hexley’s link to Apple’s secret Darwinistic alignment was revealed nearly six years ago by noted theobiologist Dr. Richard Paley in his exposé on Evolutionism Propaganda.

Of course, there is this nearly famous story http://www.rmitz.org/freebsd.daemon.html

I blame George Soros.

As a tech this isn’t a surprise. In my office i use to have a beastie figure behind the check in desk. I removed it after several complaints, but replaced it with my insane Alice from American McGee’s Alice. It really is disturbing how common and powerful people like this are. As for the complaints these got bad. We got phone calls, a few people left and one wrote a nasty letter. Nobody has ever complained about Alice, who by the way looks evil and holds a bloody knife. We even had a woman give us a lecture on why we were evil because we carried HP products. She was convinced that HP supported the homosexual movement. This month has had a bumper crop of stupid.

So they’ve never heard of daemons I take it …

I think if there was an award for Lamest ID concept, this really is going to be up there. I mean it’s a weirdly-drawn platypus cosplayer …

The idea of “e=mc^2”…a term which Einstein accepted…indisputably contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands possibility of a global holocaust in the mid and late 20th century.

It is NOTHING LESS than complicity in MURDER on a mass scale.

(Sorry about feeding the troll)

The idea of witch hunts, inquisitions, jihads, holy wars and crusades, which many religions accepted, indisputably directly caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands.

It is NOTHING LESS than MURDER on a mass scale.

(Sorry about feeding the troll, but Noturus beat me to the other comment).

The idea of the “survival of the fittest”…a term which Darwin accepted…indisputably contributed to massive economic and political exploitation of the massess in the late 19th and early 20th century.

It is NOTHING LESS than complicity in MURDER on a mass scale.

Look, we get that you people are scruple-free cretins; you don’t need to keep reminding us by posting your illogical ravings. And as someone who actually cares about economical and political exploitation, I’m personally offended by the very existence of hypocrites like yourself who love “free markets” and corporations and the Republican party and think labor unions and a minimum wage are the devil’s work.


FYI, Telic Thoughts is making some mileage over the idea that Wired (and you) fell for a parody.


Provoking Thought

Wow Wired hit a sore spot with Telic Thoughts.

Note to Krauze: at no point in time did we take the Wired comment as anything but a joke at the expense of people like you.

Last I looked, the IDC community still seemed to think pitch shifting, fart noises, and puppet torture were clever beyond measure. Apparently, even small moves in the direction of subtlety are going to lose the base quickly.

Last I looked, the ID community still seemed to think pitch shifting, fart noises, and puppet torture were clever beyond measure.

on the opposite end of the cleverness scale for IDers, Nelson clearly defined “Dumbski” as definetly NOT clever beyond measure.

just so we can see total measure of what constitutes cleverness amongst the ID crowd.

[…] Nelson clearly defined “Dumbski” as definetly NOT clever beyond measure.

IIRC, that was Berlinski. Paul Nelson is an IDC advocate with an appreciable sense of humor.

I posted the following comment on Telic Thoughts yesterday, but it appears to have never been approved and has been deleted.

Wow, someone sounds a little cranky, but that is no reason to beat up on Prof. Steve Steve.

A little tip Krauze, at no point in time did I take the Wired comment as anything but a joke. If you paid more attention to my “pop culture” posts on PT and DRN, you will see that I often make posts about instances where the media makes fun of creationists. I’ve mentioned Family Guy, Robot Chicken, a few websites, etc.

Oh yeah, why do you think the Hexley post was filed under Humor?

I wonder why they wouldn’t want that posted?

They have also deleted a couple of other comments by people saying much the same thing.

My impression was that Telic Thoughts was more open than any other ID and creationist site. I guess I was wrong.

Hi Reed,

I never saw your comment in the thread, and certainly haven’t deleted it. It’s possible that it got caught in the spam filter. Since you’ve saved a copy, why don’t you post it again?

Done, but it is still awaiting moderation.

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