After having dinner with Dr. Irene Pepperberg, Prof. Steve Steve was pandanapped by a man in a top hat. Perhaps one of those intelligent-design activists at Telic Thoughts, who recently accused the professor of being a panda puppet. They seem to be more familiar with him than they should be.

I know it would mean a lot to Prof. Steve Steve if you friended him on Myspace or joined his fan club on Facebook.

Shelley Batts (who based on her pictures alone seems to be both irresponsible and avian-friendly) is trying desperately to get him back. She needs your support.


Poor Krauze…

Judging from the photo background, the good Prof. should enjoy a good wine selection while in captivity.

Not to worry, the knife seems to be the wrong way round to do any damage.

Not to worry, the knife seems to be the wrong way round to do any damage.

Actually, I was thinking quite the reverse. Even though it’s hard to see from looking at the blade itself, look at the handle. The side of the blade that is flush with the handle is down, and the curved “finger indent” part of the handle is up. This says to me that the sharp edge is up.

A study of prof. Steve Steve’s pigmentation (specifically, the eye patches) shows that the photos aren’t reversed. The lefthanded accomplice, the recurring wrist watch, the skeletal and muscular characteristics, the frequency of alcohol beverages, are all circumstantial evidence that Darren is the masqueraded man.

And since Shelley is more concerned with Steve’s welfare than Darren’s, I think Shelley and Darren is both in on the pandanap! :-o

So, no reason to suspect intelligent design, I’m afraid. :-) But at least Steve was bamboozled. So yeah, why not support the poor little thing?

Well I never! Suggesting that I had anything to do with Prof. Steve Steve’s pandanapping!

Torbjeorn — Steve wasn’t bamboozled, he was bambooed!

Shouldn’t be hard to locate a left-handed cross-dresser with poor fashion sense.

Actually, I can’t be sure he’s a cross-dresser. I’ve worn girl sunglasses at times myself.

I think you’re looking for a kidnapper called Wile E. Publisher…

Help! What if they drug or brainwash him into signing that dissent from “Darwinism” statement? Oh, what the heck, we have 800 more Steves.

Between dandelion experiments and panda-napping.….it must be a good sign of slow times on the Disco/ID circuit!

Relax, folks. Prof. Steve Steve only has a knife to his throat, it’s not like the culprits are clamping his head in a vise or anything nasty like that.

With the top hat, the sunglasses and the bandana it looks to me like the kidnapper is a weird amalgam of Tom Petty, Sir Elton John and Michael Jackson. And that costume/personna is most positively NOT intelligently designed.

Panda mating frenzy hits San Diego Zoo!

Re “Panda mating frenzy hits San Diego Zoo!”

Do we need to take cover? :D

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