Dodos on cable and DVD


If you haven't seen Flock of Dodos yet, here's some good news: you can catch it on Showtime next week, on 17 May.


If you don't get Showtime, the DVD will be released on 28 August, and you can also catch a short from the DVD extras on YouTube, a clip I've put on my site. Be sure to see why Michael Behe isn't worried about compromising science education in the public schools.


Apropos of that, the Wisconsin Society of Science Teachers has a podcast of a very recent interview with Randy Olson. Enjoy!


Wouldn’t it further the “cause” to let people download this from the net? If not for free, for a small fee.

This propaganda film doesn’t exactly make the scientists look especially good either.

Really, I can’t wait until they show Dawkins Root of All Evil? film…they will certainly help you guys.

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