Stanley Miller Dies


Stanley Miller, who practically invented the scientific study of the origin of life, died Sunday at 77. For an article in the LA Times, see[…]news-science and also[…]_23_2007.asp .


So you’re admitting Falwell’s in hell?

Pumpkinhead, your mom is telling you to get your ass out of that chair, get out of the basement, and help her wash the dishes. If you’re not going to get a job to help with the rent, it’s the least you can do.

I have just sent a thoroughly objectionable comment by Pumpkinhead to the Bathroom Wall. I am not overjoyed by Mr. Cauldron’s second paragraph, but at least it was provoked. Mr. Pumpkinhead indeed implied in his comment that Mr. Falwell is in Hell.

Dr. Miller’s voyage of discovery continues-God rest his soul.

Curious George:

So you’re admitting Falwell’s in hell?

Matt the Censor

Mr. Pumpkinhead indeed implied in his comment that Mr. Falwell is in Hell.

No, if you evolutionary retards read your Bible–the parable of the rich man and Lazarus–instead of Hustler magazine you would know those being tortured in Hell can see those in Heaven enjoying themselves and would occasionally cry for relief, but those in Heaven would not be able to hear them due to a great gulf affixed between them!

instead of Hustler magazine

hey, is Larry Flint still around?

BTW, someone elswhere accused punkin chunkin head as being an alias of Ghost of Paley.

anyone who can confirm that? If so, that’s a direct posting rules violation.

really, is there any point in letting this idiot remain?

I can’t recall any substantive posts by this alias, and indeed, the typically ONLY serve to derail the threads they are in.

that said, a question for Matt:

why not link to a recent review of the latest studies in abiogenesis? that might be a fitting tribute to the late Dr. Miller.


I just heard that you’re the same person as Ghost of Paley, who just got banned from ATBC two weeks ago. In which case, you can quit pretending to be Mister Indignant Devout Christian.

Really, GoP, pick one name here and stick to it. Better yet, acquire a life somewhere.

I am sorry, but I will not tolerate any more puerile or abusive comments from Pumpkinhead. I will send any further such comments to the Bathroom wall.

Thanks to Apollo230 for the generous sentiment.

Why did I not link to a recent review of abiogenesis? Because I did not think of it, and I do not know very much about the subject. Perhaps someone else can implement this excellent idea and give us a link.

I think Louis over at ATBC posted a thread about abiogenesis a couple of months back; I’ll forward the request.

yes, here is the thread (older than I thought):[…]=abiogenesis

i hope Louis doesn’t mind if I repost his excellent list of articles on the subject here:

WARNING - it’s a long list, but chock full o goodness. Hopefully I can encourage Louis to pick a good review paper to highlight.

[With Sir TJ’s approval, I have snipped the list. It is very long and available on the link.]

…and a book favorably reviewed by Orgel would probably be an excellent primer on the subject:

Genesis: The Scientific Quest for Life’s Origins by Robert Hazen

From simple molecules we came, To simple molecules we return. We are inspired by your achievements, Dr. Miller.

matt -

feel free to snip that reference list if you wish.

At Sir TJ’s request: a really good intro to/review of abiogenesis I can recommend, and which is easy to get one’s hands on, is Pier Luigi Luisi’s recent book “The Emergence of Life”. It’s fairly technical and has plenty of references. Other than that I recommend very highly that any interested party subscribe to the ISSOL journal (published by Springer) “Origins of Life and Evolution of Biospheres”.

The references Sir TJ quotes above are limited to only a couple of groups with whose work I am familiar, they are by no means an exhaustive review/survey of the lit. The Orgel group is obviously very heavily involved with OOL research, but the work of the groups of Julius Rebek Jr and Donna Blackmond also really bear checking out. At the very least as introductory research into supramolecular chemistry and chemical kinetics relevant to OOL research. Obviously there’s loads more out there, but these are the entry points I used (because they were the ones most familiar to me) to learn about OOL research.



Grady Wrote:

Atheists don’t believe in hell, but they don’t hesitate to create here on earth in the form of Gulags, “re-education” centers, and brainwashing camps.

For every list of atrocities in secular societies we can make a corresponding list of atrocities in religious societies. (And, I note, Gulags were invented in a society where a political party and its leaders were trusted by organized faith, and not selectable. A kind of politico-religion.)

What we can observe is that democracy and free markets makes for less violence and suffering. And democracy here implies freedom for religion.

Goldstein Wrote:

you are of course aware that Miller demonstrated nothing of the kind?

While you are of course aware that Miller demonstrated how it is feasible? You know, by experimental science.

And if you have no feasible alternative and no show stoppers to present, the question is pretty much decided AFAIK.

those being tortured in Hell can see those in Heaven enjoying themselves and would occasionally cry for relief, but those in Heaven would not be able to hear them due to a great gulf affixed between them

I wonder how many people quit their belief in the bible just because they can’t run fast enough to keep pace with the changes in interpretation?

In his Summa Theologica, Thomas Aquinas answered the question of “Whether the Blessed in Heaven Will See the Sufferings of the Damned?”

He wrote, “In order that the happiness of the saints may be more delightful to them and that they may render more copious thanks to God for it, they are allowed to see perfectly the sufferings of the damned. So that they may be urged the more to praise God. The saints in heaven know distinctly all that happens to the damned”.

just found this charming verse from great American hymn writer Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

What bliss will fill the ransomed souls, When they in glory dwell, To see the sinner as he rolls, In quenchless flames of hell.

my mistake … Watts was british

…those in Heaven would not be able to hear them due to a great gulf affixed between them

good; I wouldn’t want those stuffed shirts to overhear the great party and try to crash it.

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