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We’re back from the dead, having pressed our new server into action earlier than expected. The back end is now running again after we handled having the existing PT site and the new site—it’s still secret—running on the same server.

See Wesley’s note on ATBC about what happened and what changes we’ve made.

Here is a teaser of the new site:



Welcome indeed!!!!

Having had the new server briefly for initial setup, I can tell you it is a sweet machine.

Reed has put a lot of work into the configuration, and then into this emergency migration from the old server.

Not to be a jerk, but there’s a certain De Rerum Natura ugliness to the new layout. I like the top part, and the side part is nice, but there’s something about the whitespace in the layout which is just bad.

Roaring pandas are cool.

What’s the new panda so angry for?

That’s the new Pandas Th… what? Wait I got it. The Panda’s Throat!

Ah, it’s good that PT is back. The troll “Emanuel Goldstein” got bored and left some stupidity at my blog this morning.

Why doen’t panda’s Thumb go over ot Science Blogs? All this do-it-your is just pointless waste of time.

Reed already responded to your comment on De Rerum Natura. In case you didn’t see it there, I’ll quote it here:

The Science Blogs business model is not consistent with a large group blog that is owned by a non-profit corporation, the Talk Origins Archive Foundation.

In addition we’ve made tons of customizations to the blogging software and don’t want to give up control of our site to another entity.

Don’t tease, do!

Someone seems inordinately fond of purple and yellow. ;-)

How about some real news.

The Creation Museum is already embroiled in scandal.

Adam is about to get kicked of the Garden of Eden. Didn’t that happen already?


Adam is about to get kicked of the Garden of Eden.

Yeah, and Michael Landon wasn’t much like his “Little House” character, either.

The funny thing is that the AiG people are so upset. If this sort of thing mattered to them, why didn’t the do background checks on all the actors in their little films? What, ran out of money? Blame the subcontractors? Didn’t think of it, most likely.

LOVE the panda! I demand he be named Chewbacca!

I’ve copied over what I posted on my blog yesterday to a new post here concerning “Adam” at AiG.

I like the new format. I give it two highly-adapted sesamoid bones up.

No more Mr Nice Panda!

ERV Wrote:

I demand he be named Chewbacca!

Yes, and he would definitely have the thumb for light sabers.

Based on the new masthead it would seem that Panda’s Thumb is transforming itself into Panda’s dentition. Although not a catchy a title this morphological transformation raises several Panda related questions. Specifically, what are the changes that characterize the Panda’s dentition and differentiate it from other carnivores? How are these related to the shift in diet and the development of the Panda’s Thumb? Did these changes in dentition precede the development of the modified radial sesamoid bone or were the changes in dentition secondary. Finally, does the new masthead reflect a change in attitude from thumbing ones nose to taking a bite out of those who would substitute a rational and natural based view of science with a supernatural based view?

Delta Pi Gamma (Scientia et Fermentum)

Oh good, some science to talk about! :)


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