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As some of you may know, I’m working on a new layout for the Panda’s Thumb and updating our backend at the same time. I’ve decided that this might be a good opportunity to delegate my work load to other experienced programmers.

I have a list of several projects that I’d like to complete before the role out of PT 2.0. So if you are interested in helping, send me a email at [Enable javascript to see this email address.]. I am looking for people who have lots of experience with Perl, MoveableType, MySQL, PostgreSQL, AJAX, JSON, Prototype, and/or Javascript.


Rats, I don’t see C, C++, VMS, or even QBasic in that list. Oh well.


ummm… I’ve learned some php through fiddling…

If you need anything Photo-shopped, drop me a note at my site.

I took a course in Fortran in 1972, punch cards and all.

Seriously, will some of this help be used to reactivate the Talk Origins archive? I’m getting withdrawals.

Re “I took a course in Fortran in 1972, punch cards and all.”

That sounds familiar. Most of my college programming work was in Fortran. (The university went from punched cards to terminals while I was there.)


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