Panda Prison Break


Prof. Steve Steve’s buddy breaks out:


Hopefully unlike that other Steve, Steve McQueen on his motorcycle in that famous movie The Great Escape, I hope Professor Steve Steve’s friend on his motorcycle gets further.

Delta Pi Gamma (Scientia et Fermentum)

Check out this animal intelligence over at New Scientist “Orangutan spits water to get peanut”

Professor Steve Steve: still the coolest panda I know.

Can we bear this pandamonium?


more animal smarts, this time crows

Check out this animal intelligence over at New Scientist “Orangutan spits water to get peanut”

What they should do now is run that test on a few dozen undergraduates – lock them in the room for an hour with a water faucet but no tools and see if they can get the peanut out…

(someone may have taught the orang the trick of course)

She said “I ain’t spending my life here” “I can’t get no relief” “Ain’t eating bamboo for the tourists” “I’m breaking out to meet Prof Steve Steve” gonna make a jaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiil break!

apologies to Bon Scott

Okay. Now I want to see them get out of the conspicuous black and whites.

(Ha! Fat chance; seems they haven’t given up their face masks yet.)

Btw, was it my imagination or was the other bear helping the escapee reach the opening?

Not to mention that after the fact it appeared to sit there staring toward the camera with an “innocent” expression - “what, who me?”. :lol:


The video is no longer available.

The video is still available here.

Well, now that video’s not available either. Some dingus with a stick where the son don’t shine has been going around insisting that all copies of the video be removed, because he was the original uploader and wants it to be private (that is, viewed by invitation only). What a dink.

That video is also no longer available.

Sigh. The pandas were real cute!

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