Professor Steve Steve, how could you?


He will be going into rehab, and promises never to do it again.

(via Zeno)


Hence one of the charges against the DC Madame… panda-ring.

Think maybe somebody just got bamboozled?

I thought the joke (established in previous Steve-Steve postings, such as[…]pace.html>;) was that Butterstick was Steve-Steve’s offspring – not Steve-Steve himself.

Eh. Pandas all look alike.

So that was what the Panda Prison Break was all about!

Considering his wonderful youth so far, it’s clear to me that Tai has just fallen in with the bad crowd there in D.C. His keepers are absolutely crazy about him and will be there for him every step of the rehab. But, it’s not a sure thing; his mother–so far as I saw–was never able to “rehab” him of the behaviors she didn’t approve of. That’s Tai!

I didn’t know he was a bush supporter!

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Professor Steve Steve, how could you?

Don’t you read UD? Darwinism made him do it!

I didn’t know he was a bush supporter!

An example of art imitating life - I’m sure Steve will tell you that no bush beats bush by about 2:1 in today’s porn.

And anyway, only guys need supporters.

Don’t you read UD?

no, I prefer the funny pages in my local newspaper - at least the topics change from time to time.

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