Farewell San Francisco


I recently finished up my trip with Bora to the Bay Area by attending Science Foo Camp at Google’s Headquarters, where I met several famous people.

Bora has many pictures of our last days in the Bay Area.

1. Last day in San Francisco

2. Science Foo Camp—Friday

3. Science Foo Camp— Saturday Morning

4. Science Foo Camp—Saturday Afternoon

I want to remind you that you can join my Facebook group, or friend me on MySpace. The Facebook group also serves as the fan group for PT. I also have a gallery of pictures from my adventures that you can look through. I working on collecting all my pictures there.

Also don’t forget to submit your best science blogging posts to the 2007 Science Blogging Anthology and join us at the 2008 Science Blogging Conference.

And yes that is me allowing Martha Stewart to examine my kimono.


I’m afraid this comment has nothing to do with the post! However, I’d like the pro-evolution community to know that our book “Evolution and religious creations myths: How scientists respond” has recently been released by Oxford University Press (authors are Lurquin and Stone).

Since OUP has mysteriously categorized this book under “Sociology of religion” (!) we are concerned that it will remain invisible to the public we are actually trying to reach (HS teachers and others).

Thanks for your consideration!

Paul Lurquin

Re Lurquin and Stone - I reviewed this book for Choice (the review journal of the American Library Association) earlier in the summer, and can heartily recommend it. Solid science and excellent historical treatment of creationism and its cheap-suit offspring, ID. If you know a high school or even a college instructor who needs to get up to speed on these issues (perhaps in Texas?), this would make a wonderful Xmas gift!

I never expected Prof. Steve Steve to be the kind of panda to consort with convicted criminals.

Oh well, at least he wasn’t getting his photo taken with a smiling Kent Hovind…

Maybe in ten years or so, Prof. Steve Steve can meet Kent Hovind, too. I doubt security will allow the meeting before then.

That Martha Stewart pic really takes the cake.

Martha Stewart never looked so good!!!

I spent two days thinking “who’s the cute scientist in the picture” before actually reading the post and realizing it’s Martha Stewart. Now no matter how many showers I take, I still feel icky.

Has Ms. Stewart made any official statement about her support for evolution? Inquiring minds, etc.

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