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You’ve upset the anti redundancy squad squad with “I’ve have…”

Hi Professor Steve Steve,

My name is Steven Senenfelder,I live near Duluth Minnesota, I found some large slate boulders made of fossils in a gravel pit and turned them into a water feature for my patio. I’ve been trying to find out what they are fossils of, and have come to believe they are actually Precambrian fossil casts of many individual creatures. It’s really easy for me to see but hard to convince geologists that they deserve to be looked at. The rocks are to old to have fossils of creatures so large, but I sincerely believe these rocks are Precambrian fossils and deserve to be in a museum. I made a web page to show photos to anyone who is interested in this type of fossils. several geologists have looked at my photos and do not see then as fossils of life. If you would, please look at the photos on my web page and if you know anyone with experience or an interest in Precambrian fossils ask them to look at them.

Thank you, Steven Senenfelder

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