Science v Intelligent Design: Miller explains Newton and ‘design’


Although Behe has referred to Miller as an ‘intelligent design proponent’, Miller himself is on the record in many different forms that we should not conflate Miller’s faith with his scientific position.

On November 13th, 2007 Nova will present Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial” and as part of the experience, Nova is providing an excellent companion website. One of the features involves the perspective of various scientists on defining the concept of science

Miller has two segments in which he explains both the scientific method and religion and addresses what he considers some of the abuses of logic (“a gross mischaracterization to take a scientist in the past … and say that Newton worked based on a hypothesis of design)

On Isaac Newton Running time 1:34
Science vs. Religion Running time 2:29

Miller Wrote:

What Intelligent design pretends to do to be in the tradition in Newton, What intelligent design actually is, to be perfectly honest, is in the tradition of the middle ages where they stop investigation by saying we cannot answer this mystery it is the work of God “the designer”. This is a science stopper


It’s a great site, and they also have an active discussion forum. It looks like the entire 2-hour episode will be available online after the broadcast date.

Everyone should read the Senior Executive Producer’s Story. It seems that although Nova tried very hard to let the ID folks tell their side of the story, only Phillip Johnson agreed to be interviewed! It would have been a great opportunity to describe all their research programs, right? Can’t wait to see how the DI spins this.…

Karen, yes, that is interesting.

I note that the producers offered to let the DI fellows see the interview footage up front to assure them that nothing would be taken out of context, and nearly all of them still declined to be interviewed.

Compare and contrast with the makers of “Expelled”.

Did you ever notice how many “Christian” evolutionists are Catholics? While the Mary-worshipers and their Papal Bull have been providing a broad path to Hell since the Late Gothic period, the Vatican’s acceptance of evolutionism has plummeted the Roman Church down to a new level. (I can hear Dante spinning in his grave over what his church has become!) Has anybody else noticed that ever since John Paul II’s reconciliation with demoniacal religion of Darwinism that every other Catholic Church has been exposed as a den of Sodomites? The Holy See accepted evolution in theory, and then the blowback came when the priests started living it in practice!

In addition to being wildly off-topic, Cock Sucker’s – oops, I mean Pole Greaser’s – latest post proves him to be a mindless bigot, utterly lacking in scuples, intelligence, or even the remotest understanding of the teachings of ANY deity or holy person.

Here’s a small reality-check, knuckle-dragger: the Catholics aren’t the only Christians who accept evolution. Ever hear of “Lutherans,” or is that too many big words for one day?

Pole Greaser:

… While the Mary-worshipers and their Papal Bull have been providing a broad path to Hell …

What are the criteria for banning someone from PT?

Does The Bathroom Wall still exist? Mr. Greaser’s comments belong on or near it.

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