Science v Intelligent Design: Behe versus ERV 0-2


flunked.jpg ERV has gotten around to reading the paper quoted by Behe in his previous defense of ERV’s essay. She reports that “He isn’t pubjacking! He’s commandeering a publication!”

ERV Wrote:

Hmmm. Now that statement looks funny. I mean it lacks the tell-tale “…” that usually mark Creationist quote-mines, but something just looks fishy about Behes choice of quote. Hmmm. Wonder what comes right after the portion Behe chose to quote?

Read more at He isn’t pubjacking! He’s commandeering a publication!


Our favorite chemically imbalanced ranter, “Neal”, is currently spewing all over ERV’s comments section. It’s quite precious!

Yeaaah… Neal was funny at first… But Im kinda over it…

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