Buckingham: the gift that keeps on giving


Then as if playing his own character, Buckingham calls the judge in the case “a jackass who has the guts of a house plant.”

And it seems that some things haven’t changed.

The man known for his outspoken – sometimes outrageous – exposition in support of intelligent design hasn’t altered his frankness.

For good measure, he adds: “And I’ll tell that to his face if I ever have a chance, and if I keep shooting off my mouth like this I’m sure he’ll make sure I do. …”

‘Nova’ documentary features Dover’s intelligent design case York Dispatch

And a famous replay


Ah, good times:

His explanation that he misspoke the word “creationism” because it was being used in news articles, which he had just previously testified he had not read, was, frankly, incredible. We all watched that tape. And per Mr. Linker’s suggestion that all the kids like movies, I’d like to show it one more time. (Tape played.) That was no deer in the headlights. That deer was wearing shades and was totally at ease.

Related Article about Buckingham at the Dover Panda Trial.


Fun Read.

Buckinghams scientific credentials fall into the same class as those of Wingut’s Joseph Farah. For more entertainment see my Buckingham page.

Guys like Behe and Buckingham only strengthens my faith in the intelligent design creationism creationism creationism movement. He needs his own IDC radio or cable show.

I wonder why Behe refused to be interviewed by Nova? Having Nova do a “fair” show about ID was specifically one of the 5 year objectives of the Wedge Strategy. They get a perfect oportunity to achieve one of their objectives and yet they walked away from it.

Could it be Behe didn’t want Nova to out him as a double agent who was working for the other side when he testified at Dover?


My favorite line in the Dispatch article is: “This is never gonna go away.” How right he is!

Behe was afraid to be seen again as the joke he is. NOVA producers and the whole staff are too smart and that was the real reason Behe decided not to show up.

”… Buckingham calls the judge in the case “a jackass who has the guts of a house plant.””

Presumably Buckingham thinks Jones lacked guts because Jones didn’t come right out and say explicitly that Buchkingham had perjured himself in either depostion or trial. As I recall too, Buckingham was one of the ones who turned out not to actually know what ID was, even though he knew he was for it! The answer to an evolutionist’s Voltaire’s prayer.

As I recall, Judge Jones did comment on the irony of the dishonesty of the “religious” proponents of ID. He even asked Creationist Board member Alan Bonsell if he realized that he was under oath at one point in Bonsell’s testimony, and in his ruling referred to “flagrant and insulting falsehoods” by Buckingham and Bonsell (reported in York Dispatch 24 December 2005). He questioned Board member Heather Geesey’s honesty as well. Apparently, the judge could have held these people in contempt of court but did not. It would be up to the office of the US Attorney to decide whether to pursue perjury charges.

What is the statute of limitation on perjury? Buckingham obviously isn’t repentant, and just as obviously guilty. I didn’t know that Jones had forwarded the information of perjury to the prosecutor. Was there ever a reason given for no action being taken?

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