Luskin Flogs the “Judicial Activism” Myth

The recent NOVA special about the Dover trial has given me a sense of deja vu, as the Discovery Institute predictably rehashes all of the bad arguments they made against the decision after it came out. As I’ve said in speeches about the trial, it took Judge Jones about 10 seconds to go from a conservative good old boy who wouldn’t dare sell out his benefactors (Bush and Santorum) to a self-aggrandizing liberal judicial activist out to destroy America.

In his latest screed on the DI blog, Casey Luskin puts his usual intellectual dishonesty on display, falsely declaring that Judge Jones “admits” that his ruling was “activist” on the flimsy basis that he made a statement that Luskin is able to twist to fit his own anachronistic definition of judicial activism. Here is the rather absurd definition of judicial activism that he offers:

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