Missing link: “cdesign proponentsists”


Many viewers seem to have been surprised by the transitional fossil between creationist and cdesign proponentsists so here is an original posting by Nick Matzke on Missing link: “cdesign proponentsists”

A classic in the annals of Intelligent Design


OK … I suspect that I may be missing the joke here, but the missing link has a missing link (well, a broken one).

It seems to me there’s a significant humor gap between the DI and the evolution defenders. The best they can whip up is Judge Jones with farty noises.. we get transitional forms of creationism!

Even if it wasn’t for the whole overwhelming evidence and decades of rigorous scientific testing thing.. I’d be on this side for the dry wit.

Nomad mentioned “dry wit.”

My Beloved and Darling Wife didn’t understand why I was laughing so hard at the scene where Ken Miller used a mousetrap as a tie clip.

I wish the producers had the time to explain that.

fusilier James 2:24

I wish the producers had the time to explain that.

Well, Miller did say that the trap missing parts was worthless as a mousetrap, but makes a dandy, if not very stylish, necktie clip.

Yes, there does seem to be a ‘missing link’ to the missing link post.

What I liked most about the documentary was the way it highlighted the predictive power of evolution. Tiktaalik is known to many as a discovery of a transitional form. But it is far more than that, as the documentary pointed out. Evolutionary theory indicated where to look for such transitional fossils, scientists looked, and they found one. It is hard to imagine a more spectacular confirmation of evolution.


James, sorry but your wrong. I have some inside information that most of you don’t know about. God spent most of August in 2007 talking to me. He had a lot to say. He even covered the first 8 steps in the process of cell development. Now I could understand up to the eight step after that in goes in 3 different directions, it was more than I could understand. So he stopped there. What this proves is that God does know some basic genetics. Yes, I do have proof. Want to see it? Mel Steffor

“Evolutionary theory indicated where to look for such transitional fossils, scientists looked, and they found one. It is hard to imagine a more spectacular confirmation of evolution.”

Definitely. You don’t just randomly dig holes and expect to find that sort of thing. BTW my wife, who never followed the Kitzmiller case and was hearing about it for the first time on the Nova episode, was completely entertained! She watched it twice on the DVR. I had to work late last night and missed it, but she grasped all the subjects involved. The cdesign proponentsists part cause her biggest OMG moment. She totally represents the lay audience and that NOVA episode spelled it out so clearly and did it in such an entertaining way that I’m sure most of the lay audience was equally impressed by that episode.

I’m a lurker but just wanted to say I watched with my kids ages 6 and 9. They were absolutely entranced (though part of it was getting to stay up past their bedtime). My 9 year old said to me, “Mommy why do they say it is science when they haven’t done any testing yet? They should test their ideas first.” Out of the mouth of babes. My 6 year old kept asking me to get more books about it. We had a good discussion around the dishonesty too. Not too often you can get both a great science lesson and a great character lesson at the same time. Here’s how not to do science and how not to behave. Just wanted to add that we are Christian homeschoolers and not all of us are ignorant. I love being able to spend even more time on the beauty of evolution then they would get in traditional school.


What a great comment. I’m going to quote it on my blog.


I missed this choice morsel when Nick posted it. I just died when I say that last night on Nova. As a result. I have it posted on my vocabulary wall in my science classroom. Everybody needs to know what a Cdesign proponentist means. There might actually be a series of these new words for us.

“Girreducable complexityDID IT” “MADEno free lunchUP SHIT” “GOdiscovery indtituteSAYS”

Mark D:

I should have made myself clearer.

The reason it was so funny, of course, is Behe‘s use of the mousetrap as the Icon of IC. I’m sure all the PT regulars were aware of that, but many interested viewers might not.

fusilier James 2:24

Beth Wrote:

Just wanted to add that we are Christian homeschoolers and not all of us are ignorant. I love being able to spend even more time on the beauty of evolution then they would get in traditional school.

Thank you! I know that there are many like you among the “silent majority,” but it’s so refreshing when one speaks up.

It bothers me that few people mention the irony that the very activist groups who obsess over getting their pseudoscience into public schools don’t like public schools in the first place. It makes sense, however, if one considers that their real goal is to dumb down public schools so much that they finally go away (a result that, BTW, I would probably welcome too).

So what if public schools do go away and the result is that more students accept evolution? I’m not sure about classic creationist groups, but I don’t think the DI would mind at all. Their preferred forum for the “wedge strategy” is the media anyway. If they can get the rank-and-file evolution deniers to have more Bill Dembskis (skilled rhetoricians) and fewer Bill Buckinghams (gross embarrassments), they win.

I had to laugh when the laziness of the creationists was pointed out in that typo. Hilarious.

I was also astonished at how thoroughly the ID team got trounced on every aspect of every argument they attempted. The proof for humans found in their second chromosome was the death nell for ID being tagged as science and absolute proof of how we evolved.

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Here is one small piece of proof.

Like I said earlier, the Holy Spirit talked to me, besides his message about First is Last and Last is First, he had something to say about “Who Killed JFK”. Christ tells me that the man who shot JFK is a policeman. He also tells me the name of the shooter, but it is in a jumbled word. The word is “Fritters” . I see the name F. Ritter right off so I think that is the name of the killer. Now God has lots of other messages for me to figure out, so I put “who Killed JFK” on the back burner for over a year. A year or more later , just recently, I have more time to look for F. Ritter. I can’t find a policeman with that name who lived in Dallas, Texas in 1963. So I am searching for information about who killed JFK and there is a picture of a policeman by the name of JD Tippit. Now Tippit kind of looks like Ritter . Now I un-jumble the letters of Ritter to TIRRET. Now TIRRET looks more like TIPPIT. Now I make the R’s stand at attention, I get TIPPET. One problem is that the I and the E are not the same. So I do some research on the family name TIPPIT. Turns out that in the late 1800’s JD Tippit’s grandfather changed their name from Tippett to Tippit. So the next step, I change the E to I. So Tippet is now Tippit. Now I have FS Tippit and JD Tippit. The first two initials are not the same. Next I go to Wikipedia there I find; “Some thought that J. D. stood for Jefferson Davis. However J D does not stand for anything. That means his name is just J D. So the initials F S, do not stand for anything. I just have two initials that do not stand for anything. Are you following me?

Next what does FRITTERS mean. If your following my thinking here, God is going to tell you what happened to JD Tippit after he was shot. Fritters are a dough that is deep fried. Bread also means body, like in the last super Christ takes the bread and says this is my body. Look in the dictionary, PIT means HELL. TIP means money paid, gratuity. There are other meanings to.

JD Tippits body (dough) is placed in the deep fryer (lake of fire). Now I think this clue (Fritters) was ingenius. After all God came up with it. I think he does have a sense of humor too. Kids now have a new game to play. They can play God. Pilsbury dough boy fry’s in the lake of fire. You get HELL! fry baby fry!

If you think this is just crazy. Remember I am just the messenger. Jesus is the one that had to talk about JFK. So he had a reason for doing that. Chirst is telling you who killed the president so that you will believe that his messages are from God. Remember only God knows who killed JFK. He told me and I am telling you. I had forgotten about the case years ago. This is a cold case now, it been 45 year since the shooting. Nov. 22 is the anniversary.

I also read the part about giving false prophesy. God says false prophets go to Hell or something like that. I only repeat what God told me. Now what I wrote above is from God. He told me who killed JFK in 2006. The above is not a lie or a joke and I am going to HEAVEN without fear.

Before I forget. Gods messeges usually have more than one meaning. F S could also stand for “Fence Shooter”.

Who are the co-conspirators? Turns out that there are two policemen named Tippit, and one other Tippett working in the Dallas police Department that same year(1963). Back to the clue word Fritters. That is plural, you know about plural. We have two fritters. The co-conspirators name is Gayle M. Tippit.

Now the Dallas Police Department obviously covered up and framed Oswald. He was the Patsy. They did it cause it is very possible that one of the other police officers rushing to the scene saw Tippet fleeing the scene carrying a rifle. They covered it up because of the embarrassment of one of their own was the man that killed JFK? And the Warren commission must have also figured that out so they stuck with the Dallas Dept. story saying that it was Oswald. Otherwise it could have been a National embarrassment. Now if you look at the evidence like I did. It is easy to see that the Dallas Police Dept tampered with the evidence over and over again. And they did a very bad job of it too.

Now this is my opinion, not Gods. I think God is behind the creation of the Internet. I could never have been able to figure out a lot of his messages without the use of the Internet. People on the Net have been a big help to me. God talks to other people too, they just don’t know it. God let me know it was him.

This is proof because it is impossible for any one to do what I did with the clue word FRITTERS. I made it look easy. I can do that over and over again in all of God’s messages. It is impossible for anyone to do what I do.

Gods messenger, Mel Steffor

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