And a Merry Kitzmas to Amadan, Too


Over the the “After the Bar Closes” forum, “Amadan” has a timely update of a favorite bit of nonsense. I’ve added URLs here and there to the original.

In anticipation of a special anniversary tomorrow…

I Am the Very Model of a C-Design-Proponentsist

[Note: Malicious allegations have been made that this work somehow plagiarises something by W.S. Gilbert. Nothing could be further from the truth and I emphatically state that I have nothing to apologise for. And I’m really sorry. Comments on this subject are now closed.]

I am the very model of a c-design-proponentsist
The diametric opposite of all that is materialist
My engineering cert allows me call myself a scientist -
We won’t discuss those classes in Biology I might have missed

Continue reading at the Austringer


I have to admit to my multiplicitous past - my first undergraduate degree (before a BS in geology and then onward to graduate school) was in music, and I performed many G&S works. Consequently I have a soft spot for these patter songs and I love any parody based on them. This one, I think, beats even Tom Lehrer’s “The Elements”

Many thanks. As has been said, nothing can maintain its austerity in the face of ridicule that is on the mark, true, and really funny. We need much more of this kind of thing - and I once again lament the untimely loss of Douglas Adams who could make the average person laugh at creationist ideas.


Actually, my favorite (per)version of “Modern Major General” has always been The Elements Song by Tom Lehrer, but this is almost as good.

(Even if you know the song, click on the link; the animation is fabulous, and I don’t know how long it’ll be there.)


That link has been there for several years now so I don’t think it will go away soon.

Tom “poisoning pigeons in the park” G

Hmmph. You call that funny? I don’t hear any farty noises.

Yeah, I read further after I posted that. It’s approved and licensed by Prof. Lehrer, and licensed to others as well.

Still a wonderful animation…

Great job.

I’m waiting for the day in court when Darwin meets his Waterloo Though I might find that testifying isn’t what I ought to do

Genius. Just genius.

Amadan is my Hero.

Merry Kitzmas to all.

Intelligent designer bless us everyone… ;-)

Tom G: Since you mentioned Tom Lehrer - I’m sure would not mind…

All the world seems in tune On a Spring afternoon As we poison your schools with ID Every School Board will see My sweetheart and me As we poison your schools with ID

When they see us coming The humanists all try and hide But their brains are all pickled With facts and formaldehyde

Yes the sun’s shining bright All the world seems alright As we poison your schools with ID

We’ve gained notoriety And caused some anxiety In the humanist society With our games They say its pure piety And lack of propriety And quite a variety of atheist names But its purely because of religion That we all know less than a sick pidgeon

So if Sunday you’re free Why don’t you come with me And we’ll poison your schools with ID And maybe we’ll do In geology too As we poison your schools with ID

We’ll murder each subject with lies and misleading quotes Then cover our tracks with prevericant sugar coats

Yes your kid’s soul we’re saving For the heaven we’re craving As we poison your schools The facts are for fools As we poison your schools with ID

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