Darwin Day 2008 in Iowa City


Darwin Day is fast approaching, and we’ll be celebrating with 2 and a half days’ worth of festivities here in Iowa next month, on February 14-16. We’re featuring talks by Dr. Massimo Pigliucci, Dr. Martha McClintock, and University of Iowa paleontologist Dr. Christopher Brochu, as well as a dinner social Friday night (tickets required, and they’re already going fast!). Head over to Aetiology for all the details.


For UK readers, the town of Darwin’s birth now has an annual festival and is looking forward to the 200th anniversary next year.


I wonder if the ACLU will sue to prevent this religious holiday from being celebrated on government funded university campuses where praising the name of Jesus is illegal? Why do you get to celebrate the debauched legacy of your dead prophet but we are not allowed to celebrate our Risen Savior!

Pole Greaser: How many times a week do you go to church? Did the ACLU try to stop you? I drive by 17 churches on my way to work. We have so many campus ministries on our University that I can’t count them. Twice a semester we have a preacher screaming hell and brimstone to the students on campus – a legal activity as determined by the courts. Every Easter we have students marching around with giant crosses and proselytizing. All on government University property. You seem to be living in a fantasy world. Maybe you should seek help.

You seem to be living in a fantasy world. Maybe you should seek help.

PoleG and his ilk hold that preventing them from doing any one thing they deem necessary to spread their superstition is the same as preventing them from doing every such thing. It’s all or nothing, black-and-white “thinking.”

Yes, very common “thinking.” By preventing them from using the government to cram their particular beliefs down our throats, we are oppressing them. Ergo according to the new postmodernist Christian Fundamentalism, the 1st Amendment protects their right to use the government to proselytize. Reminds me of a friend of mine on a flight from South Africa, who sat next to a man who told her that she was violating his religious freedom by not believing as he did. Even Orwell would be shocked by these people.

Wow. So my religious freedom violates your religious freedom? {**tilt**}

If I were visiting a zoo, minding my own business eating cotton candy, and a Panda escaped from it’s cage–would it eat me? That one in the picture at the top of this page looks pretty ferocious. How does that goofy looking black and white fur help the Panda in it’s Darwinian struggle for survival? Maybe the color combo was a bad idea and we should just let natural selection extinct them. Or maybe they are transitional forms half way between black bear and polar bear. Yeah, they probably knew that global warming was coming so they didn’t want to committ to one or the other

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