Expelled with the Banned


Well it looks like one of the minds behind Expelled has joined the Banned in our forum. Go join the discussion and ask him all the questions that the press were not allowed to.

Mr_Christopher Wrote:

Hey here is Kevin Miller’s blog I guess he is one of the writers for Expelled? I invited him to drop by and chat with us

I told him most everyone here is an atheist, scientist or evil doer in general. If he shows up please don’t let me down.


Let the party begin.


Disappointing, actually.

Kevin couldn’t answer the simplest question: from what was Sternberg expelled?

Kevin squealed and ran like a pig.

Kevin squealed and ran like a pig.

oops, he better watch out for Ken Ham…


As always cDesign proponentsists argue that a stonecutter global community of random educated individuals for the last ~300 years have spawned a campaign blockade against the freedom of 5000 year old faiths.

Darwin’s law of evolution never needed public relations, a political strategy, lawyers or publicists to get its ideas established. Evolution survived a long process of fact checking and scrutiny. It is as solid as world history and, like history, critical for humanity to practice and preserve.

To challenge science at its root (as kev suggested in one post) is to simply destroy what works. Humanity established and refined rule and law of math. Until ID proves it is science it stays where it currently belongs, philosophy.

This is a political issue on their part and i think we start make it one. People want to reestablish tax dollars to alternatives to proper medicine. Then we might as well require patients accept a private contract to protect the funds that establish medical expertise. a contract that is used as power of attorney in matters regarding biology and its institution in society and education.

Let ID believers request Design to administer their child’s vaccines.

While there was definitely no attempt to grapple with many of the key questions, That thread was not exactly the most useful. The cutting questions tended to be conflated with immature digressions on Mouth Breathers. What purpose does that sort of name calling serve? I don’t seem to recall anybody calling me a Neanderthall during my Oral examination even when I was unsure of or struggled with questions. It’s one thing to hound known trolls who hit and run post. It is quite another to hound another even though by association he has a high probability of being a troll. If he is give him enough rope to hang himself in a public forum, but to be rude straight off as some where in the thread is unbecoming.

There is a serious reign of terror by Xian fundie terrorists directed against the reality based academic community, specifically acceptors of evolution. I’m keeping a running informal tally, listed below. They include death threats, firings, attempted firings, assaults, and general persecution directed against at least 8 people.

The Expelled Liars have totally ignored the ugly truth of just who is persecuting who.

If anyone has more info add it. Also feel free to borrow or steal the list.

I thought I’d post all the firings of professors and state officials for teaching or accepting evolution.

2 professors fired, Bitterman (SW CC Iowa) and Bolyanatz (Wheaton)

1 persecuted unmercifully Richard Colling (Olivet)

1 attempted firing Murphy (Fuller Theological by Phillip Johnson IDist)

1 successful death threats, assaults harrasment Gwen Pearson (UT Permian)

1 state official fired Chris Comer (Texas)

Death Threats Eric Pianka UT Austin and the Texas Academy of Science engineered by a mentally ill IDist named Bill Dembski

Death Threats Michael Korn, fugitive from justice, towards the UC Boulder biology department and miscellaneous evolutionary biologists.

Up to 8 with little effort. Probably there are more. I turned up a new one with a simple internet search. Haven’t even gotten to the secondary science school teachers.

And the Liars of Expelled have the nerve to scream persecution. On body counts the creos are way ahead.

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