Happy Darwin Day!


Today is Darwin Day. Get out and learn some biology!

If you have links to Darwin Day events or posts, send them in. There is also a Darwin Day carnival being run by ScientificBlogging.com.


Happy Darwin Day!

There’s a Darwin Day Special Episode at Radio Otherfunk … Listen online or download at you leisure :)

Longtime readers of The Panda’s Thumb are surely aware of the term “Church Burning Ebola Boys”; with that in mind, CBEB’s put together a special presentation for our friends at Uncommon Descent.

Also, Darwin Day marks the Grand Opening of BPSDB, a somewhat skewed take on the Research Blogging project.

Happy Darwin Day!

p.s. Radio Otherfunk: The Louvin Brothers… woo hoo!

Because it is also so close to Valentine’s Day, here’s a little love I tried to share with Dembski awhile back on how he could actually move his Intelligent Design argument forward. This is my open letter to him after getting banned for asking who designed the designer on his forum:

I sincerely apologize for any comments I made earlier that required a valid scientific answer as I have taken the time to discover that your true motives are Christian apologetics. I also regret calling you an asshat for censoring me since I now know your fraud is perpetrated in the name of God. I foolishly believed that ID was really something other than recycled Creationist claptrap. So instead of asshat, charlatan would be more appropriate.

Somehow I suppose the religious foundation that underlies your actions makes you feel better about them, but in an age of reason and open connectivity such flim-flam is unlikely to produce the results you desire. In other words, you’re going to need a much higher calibre of flim-flam if you wish to move an intelligent designer.….

Consider this my gift from God to you and anybody else seeking revelation. A revelation that God has imbued within me that I can no more scientifically substantiate than ID as it is currently concocted presented. I can offer no stone or gold tablets, no first person testimony to any visual or audio apparitions, no weeping statues; absolutely nothing that would pass the rigid scrutiny that exists for normal religious experiences.……much more at:



I have a “humorous” parody book-cover: Teh Evil Darwinst Conspiracy for Dummies picture I made for Darwin Day. I put “humorous” in quotes because my sense of humor is, well, not everyone else’s…

Two posts I like are:

The second has truly outstanding prose and thoughts by a blogger “Thoughts from Kansas”.

Both of these focus on issues outside of science, but are in the context of Darwin day.

I wrote “Dust Off Your Darwin Costume: It’s Evolution Weekend!” for Beacon Broadside.

Where else are you going to learn about the world’s largest edible tree of life?


Did you see my questions on the other thread?

Happy Darwin Day from the Westminster Kennel Club.

Today, for the first time in its 130+ year history, the Westminster Kennel Club named a beagle as Best in Show.

See NYT story at http://www.nytimes.com/2008/02/12/s[…]r&st=nyt

[Hope this isn’t a duplicate. I keep losing my connection to PT.]

Moses Wrote:

I put “humorous” in quotes because my sense of humor is, well, not everyone else’s…

Nor is mine. I like the comment suggesting that us chemists are the real “evil ones.” While ~70% of the public (much more than just fundamentalists) falls for the distraction that the “Darwinist” biologists are the “evil ones,” we “Benzenists” are quietly out to take over your “all natural” world with our intelligently designed “chemicals.” ;-)

Here’s my Darwin Day podcast episode - an interview with Neil Shubin. http://www.inoculatedmind.com/2008/[…]/episode-76/

N.C. Botanical Garden had a Darwin Day speaker talk about Darwin’s interest in plants. It made the local paper!

Happy Darwin Day to one and all from a thoroughly committed Christian

“there is grandeur…”

My thirteen year old son learned some great biology on Darwin Day.

…via an appendectomy.


Well, that’s one less vestigial…


A little late reporting in.

Here was my Darwin Day Post. http://mrcopilot.blogspot.com/2008/[…]y-chuck.html

We love Darwin Day.….….food for thought

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