Howard Hughes Medical Institute: Lectures and Podcasts


The Howard Hughes Medical Institute has extensive lectures and resources for educators, in fact anyone can order their DVD’s for free. You can also subscribe to their podcasts.

Talks include Ken Miller’s Evolution: Fossils, Genes, and Mousetraps


Leading evolution educator Ken Miller discusses the controversy surrounding the teaching of evolution, presents compelling evidence for evolution and reasons why “intelligent design” is not scientific. The presentation also features Dr. Miller’s responses to questions from a live audience of high school students.

Explore the site, it’s full of interesting information helping anyone appreciate the science of evolution and biology.


I’ve seen a lot of these things before, but it’s nice to see them all in one place!

nice find, Pim.

Some material is not available for those living outside of the US which you won’t find out until confirming your shipping details. I’m going to go back and look at print material and not DVDs or VHS.

As I recall, one of their holiday lecture series was on evolution, and it was really good– perfect for anyone who really wants to know what evolution is all about.

Someone had posted the Ken Miller lecture on YouTube in 10 minute sections. It was his standard lecture on Evolution vs. ID but geared toward highschool students. I was quite impressed with some of the students’ questions.

I think it is wonderful that they are offering these resources for free.

Yay! I just ordered some stuff! Thanks for this post :-)

I too have copies of several of these - I got them at the NABT meeting last fall - and I made certain to get them into our library.

I sympathize with Ken Miller in that his humor (honed for years on undergrads) falls flat with high schoolers. I suffer from the same ailment. :)

great info at this page… thanks!!!!

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