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expelled movie exposedAt Open Parachute, Ken Perrott explains to us in a posting Expelled - no integrity exhibited the level of disarray at Premise Media.

I was recently approached by Stacy Schlicht from the firm Rogers & Cowan who are the publicity agent for the film “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed.” Stacey offered me the chance to interview one of the filmmakers Ben Stein. I accepted the offer, which quickly became a “teleconference” open only to an “exclusive” group selected on the basis of submitted questions. After dutifully submitting my 5 questions I am informed that the teleconference planned for yesterday has now been postponed until the 18th - the planned launch date for the film.

The film’s promotion appears to be in disarray - maybe because it faces legal action for copyright violations. It has also faced strong criticism from reviewers who have been shown the film (see Expelled Exposed for links to a number of reviews). There has also been a lot of publicity generated by eviction of scientists from pre-screenings and the outrageous claims made in the film (Darwin is responsible for the holocaust!). While the filmmakers and the creationist colleagues have been arguing that “no publicity is bad publicity” it seems clear that the publicity will reduce the film’s effectiveness by creating a cynical attitude amongst film goers.


see Expelled Exposed for links to a number of reviews

What? No link?

A link within the link has a neat ID Creationist Bingo game that will put some fun in reading those obnoxious anti-evolution screeds.

Frank, we should organise troll bingo on PT, too!

(I jest, of course. We should not encourage them.)

You wanna hear something depressing? My wife (a brilliant person with an MBA, but no science background and no interest in science) saw a trailer of Expelled, and thinks Ben Stein is a brilliant person who makes some valid points. She is insisting I go see the movie “with an open mind”. I love her dearly, but sometimes…argghhh! (maybe she is just pulling my chain?)

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