Tangled Bank #102

The Tangled Bank

The latest edition of the Tangled Bank is now available at Further Thoughts.

Sarah Silverman? How'd she get in there?


Sarah Silverman is “><CENSORED>< Matt Damon” according to a video that’s doing the Internet rounds which she made for Jimmy Kimmel, so perhaps she gave Bourne an ultimatum?!

I was surprised to not see this link on the “Tangled Bank” -


(HT Spirula)

Speaking of Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman, I recently speculated that it is possible that at least Kimmel and perhaps also Silverman helped with the lyrics for Age of the Machine video. Kimmel seems to be a friend of Ben Stein.

Eh, speaking as the ‘Sarah Silverman of Skepticism’… it’s a long story… if you read the blog entry, you’ll find out ALL about it. ;)

As for Matt Damon? That between me, Matt and hey look at them apples!

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