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It’s hard to pinpoint the most insulting aspects of this obvious propaganda piece from Ben Stein, the eye-drops spokesman, conservative writer and pundit whom most people remember from a bit part in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF.

A must read review:

What’s so insulting? Perhaps it’s the way the film skews its perspective to the point where evolutionary theory is made to appear old-school, reactionary and intolerant of such innovative ideas as Creationism, a line of inquiry roughly as fresh and cutting-edge as the Holy Bible’s Book of Genesis.

About science’s attempts to keep faith based beliefs outside the realm of empirical science as ‘evidence’ of a violation of free speech:

Or maybe it’s the way a flag-waving Stein casts responsible attempts to keep faith-based belief outside the realm of empirical science as a violation of free speech and a threat to our American way of life, likening conditions in this “scientific gulag” to life in East Berlin (the film makes ample use of Cold War-era newsreel, kitschy social engineering films from the ’50s and footage of Stalin).

About the Scientific Vacuity of Intelligent Design:

Or maybe it’s the way in which the lack of evidence supporting “I.D.” is glossed over in favor of a one-sided attack on Darwinism’s “failings,” like evolutionary theory’s inability to provide a simplistic answer to the huge question of how life was first created.

This is an excellent review by a reviewer who can see through the ‘controversy’…


This one actually gives a suggestion …

…Check out the documentary CONSTANTINE’S SWORD, released in theaters on the very same day as this slickly produced bit of nonsense, if you need a reminder of the atrocities fueled by terrible distortions of religious beliefs. –Ken Fox

I like it :-)

The Federation of American Scientists’ Strategic Security Blog has a piece on Expelled by Ivan Oelrich that is well worth reading.

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