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Download Day 2008

Firefox 3 was released today, with several nice features that improve some subtle glitches in our layout. Yay!


I just uninstalled Firefox 3 yesterday and reinstalled version 2 because version 3 crashed three or four times a day.

I’ve been using rc3 for a few days and haven’t had any problems. Based on my experience with FF2, an extension or plugin is causing the stability problems.

’ve been using rc3 for a few days and haven’t had any problems. Based on my experience with FF2, an extension or plugin is causing the stability problems.

Folks who have been having problems with Firefox (and suspect a buggy plugin) might want to try the noscript extension (

Noscript allows users to turn on/off flash,javascript etc. plugins.

Good for security and troubleshooting.

I have just reinstalled Ver 2.X. V3 is puzzling. It oversized my menu bars and I was unable to do anything about it. Next my, RP plugins and several others don’t work. They must have tried really hard to mess this one up.

Plugins lagging behind a new release is nothing new. Most of the times the plugins are perfectly compatable, but the plugin author hasn’t written them to include the “compatible with Firefox 3+ as well” information.

Tip: FireBug 1.1 beta is compatible with FF 3.

My only issue so far, besides plugin compatibility, is that I lost some of my more recent bookmarks (which I hardly used anyway). I suspect that some recent version of FF 2 used a bookmark format that wasn’t compatible with FF 3.

I’m trying to download it now, but the site keeps on going down: after several tries I got to the download page, and discovered that they are claiming to be 100% organic. But I’ve no idea what that means, because I can’t get to that page either…

I’ve been using 3.0rc? for the last week or so, and it’s fine. Greasemonkey is now working in is, so CBEBs can have their “Tard Alerts”.

You can find a FF 3 extension at the blog ( I’d give you the direct link, but the site is not working at this time.

FF3 won’t run on Windows 98, just FYI in case anyone is still using that OS and refuses to buy any more Microsoft products!

well i have linux so win98 doesn’t affect me. plus what i have heard is the site is just getting hammered with people downloading.

when i worked geeksquad we still saw many windows98 based systems. in the end we refused work on most of these. reasons being the cost for our repair work was almost half of the cost of a basic system. the other way 98 just doesn’t cut it anymore and many of these systems would not last or were already at death’s door.

funny thing was when i left a new guy came on. this guy lasted a total of a week and 3 days. the guy was really wacked out of his gourd. he got fired for “preaching” to customers. no he was literally preaching the word of god. telling customers stuff like demons caused the computer problems. however this was the first time the geeksquad manager was not in charge of hiring. the thing was IT work seemed to attract a fair number of creationist and ultra religious people. not just at the geeksquad, which is on the entry level, but in other places i had worked. i guess being around well desgined machines makes the Idist feel welcome.

IT and the public, man i got stories.

If you’re running Win98 on a networked computer, you’re going have much more serious problems than getting FF3 to run. And for those who still run Win98, thanks a lot for providing a save haven for spam trojans.

Unsympathetic reader said: And for those who still run Win98, thanks a lot for providing a save haven for spam trojans.

This is pandas thumb. So let us take a look at the evolution of the malware in the computer universe. The escalating arms race between anti-malware vendors and malware authors has led to the development of highly hardened viruses. Five years ago, presence of malware is immediately apparent, it slowed down the computer, hogged resources, popped up unsavory images and advertisement. And they were quite easy to remove too mostly use the task manager to find the executables and remove the exe files and use startup cop like utilities to find them and remove them from the registry.

Now, they don’t advertise their presence, try to be unobtrusive, actually prevent further infections from other known malware, use extremely hard techniques to hide the files and leave reinfection agents in the background.

Is it fair to blame just the Win98 users or novice/ignorant computer users for all the trouble? Like the over user of antibiotics, anti malware products have been over used and abused, IMHO.

Bob O’H said: Greasemonkey is now working in it, so CBEBs can have their “Tard Alerts”.


I would guess that about Windows 3, I became a late adopter. I did upgrade to Firefox 3.0 today and it was apparently seamless.

Rock on, Firefox! Over 8 million DLs in 24 hours! Maybe closer to 9 million - I don’t know because they’ve shut down the counter at, which also gave a country-by-country breakdown.

Most surprising statistic: Iran was one of the leaders, with over 260,000 DLs. That’s more than anyone except the US, Canada, the UK, Spain, France, Germany (#2 with close to 740,000), Japan, or (another surprise!) Lithuania (over 275,000).

Now all that’s left is for Guinness to validate the record.

And if you ain’t got FF3 yet, GO GET IT! It runs rings around FF2, which already runs rings around just about everything else. It’s even fast on my 7-year-old Mac G4-400 with only 384 mb RAM.

Be prepared to lose a few extensions though; a lot of them haven’t been upgraded to FF3 compatibility yet.

I can’t say I’m loving FF3’s new “Awesomebar.” It annoys me that Firefox didn’t give us the option of keeping the FF2 url bar.

I’m switching back to FF2. This new one has memory leaks. No way my browser should be using 80mb to view this page. I can’t stand the incessant grinding of my hard drive as it messes with swap files.

Now it’s 130Mb. Lovely.

Firefox has always been a memory hog because it keeps pages in memory to speed up tab switching and going back and forward in your history. One of the improvements of FF3 is that it uses less memory.

Maybe on your machine. On mine it’s killing my harddrive.

Ah, I see I’m not the only one noticing this:

I switched from Firefox 2 to Firefox 3 a few days ago and love the speed of the new version of Firefox. It’s not a speed gain that’s only appearing in benchmarks but one that every user will recognize as well. There was one minor incident though after upgrading to Firefox 3 that turned out to become a huge problem. Firefox 3 was frantically writing on my hard drive and raising cpu usage periodically which brought the browser to an complete halt in that time.[…]-disk-usage/

What’s “Firefox”?

To “Unsympathetic reader” - like Win XP and Vista are paragons of security! LoL! Your network is as secure as you make it. It really is that simple.

I agree, the more recent MS OS versions aren’t necessarily secure either, but overall, they are better than an unsupported OS where security was never even a consideration and where patches weren’t pushed. I’m not sure a Win98 machine hooked directly to the internet can really be made secure.


it ain’t no fox and it has no fire. El do not wasto your timo.

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