Tangled Bank #109

The Tangled Bank

Greg Laden has created a festival of LOLcats for the latest edition of the Tangled Bank. Should I be appalled or amused? Science is serious business! We never laugh, we're all supposed to be like Mr Spock!


I tho’t I sew a lolcat, but sumun eated it - there is certainly more LOLs than cats there.

That said, I can recommend Evolutionary Novelties’ “Box Jellies and the Red Herring of Eye Evolution”.

Spoiler alert:

When observing the eye it falls apart into photoreceptors and pigments, and the author thinks it is time to recognize that “some eye components are shared and others are not, and this varies depending on the time scale and species examined”.

we’re all supposed to be like Mr Spock!


A few years ago I read ,in our local health food co-op newsletter, a tirade about food irradiating companies switching from radio-isotopes to linear accelerators. The author thought it was a cynical conspiracy to silence critics. Irradiated food phobia and herbal medicines are common anti-science topics.

We never laugh, we’re all supposed to be like Mr Spock!

But remember, I.D.I.C.!

(It’s only logical. ;) )


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