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Well the school is starting up again, and this blog will be slower than usual for a while until the authors get into the swing of things.

On my side of things, I have an upgrade planned for site now that Movable Type 4.21 has been released. I’m currently running it on my blog and will implement it when I’m satisfied with it and have enough time on a weekend.

I’ve also revealed a secret project that I’ve been toying with off and on for a few months: pre-submission comment validation. I hope to enable this technology on PT, to help out those of you who find writing valid markup difficult. However, I need y’all to go give it a hard time to find the bugs.


Well, seems I have to comment here as the script won’t publish (with errors or without). Plus it stops with errors with any (correct or erroneous) tag.

Can you provide me more details about what you are trying to do? Browser, version, comment, etc. Use <blockcode></blockcode> as necessary to show me the comment you are using. Have you tried clearing your cache?


Seems I can’t show the generated code, as the regular comment box complains that “An Error Occurred”. Maybe an email?

But I’ll start, maybe I can see the offending code (preview always works fine in these situations, it is submit that generates the error):

Thanks Reed. I have Firefox for legacy reasons; with script for both pandas thumb and dererumnaturae allowed in NoScript. TBC…

Thanks Reed. I have Firefox for legacy reasons; with script for both pandas thumb and dererumnaturae allowed in NoScript.

This is what I get on a 

page (after clearing cookie and cache) when previewing your given example:


Oookay. However I try to cut out text or code, submit throws an error on the rest of the comment. So, email?


I think I know what your problem is, try unblocking in NoScript as well.

Also, several of your comments here got caught in the spam filter. I’m not going to publish them, unless you want me to.

Thanks! My bad, seems when I turned off script notification sometime earlier the sourced scripts disappeared from the default info listing without me noticing the problem.

(And now I know that it is the spam filter that throws “An Error Occurred” exceptions; that helps too.)

I’ll look into the new script later, but it works as advertised so far.

A spam error is occurring here because the word “Anonymous” is in our filter.

The is supposed to be an error message that tells you that. I guess PT is still running an older Xomment version.

I don’t follow the computer jargon, and I’m not sure what “pre-submission comment validation” is, but the troll problem (one in particular) is getting extremely out of hand. I hope that solves it.

I think the “comment validation” is referring to syntax errors, such as incorrect link, quote, or edit tags, or having too many links in one post. It’s not a reference to controlling trolls.


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