Geochelone sulcata


Geochelone sulcata — African Spurred Tortoise, North Carolina Zoo


Bow chicka bow…

With that guy calling this a pron site, and you go and post that?!? LOL

It’s turtles all the way down?

Got to love tortoise lust!

Last time I saw these turtles at the NC zoo, they were mating too… except one of them was upside down and hanging off of a rock. An interesting position, but my wife wasn’t interested…

Oh, the top tortoise is just reenacting the “Yurtle the Turtle” story, climbing up for a better view. We want this to be a kid friendly site.

If you was the Turtle was walled in

Wiff a willin, if armored, young ‘fing

(And what’s fair and all

(what wiff the wall) and all)

Would you stop to think, on the brink,

Would you think

That this feeling may not last too long at all?

My ode to impending election. Thanks to The Panda’s Thumb and random association for the idea. Oh yeah, and also the headlines.

He likes them big girls.

I spent a 1/2 hour at a zoo once watching a tortoise try to get it on. Eventually I got wrangled away by friends who lacked the patience needed to see if he succeeded.

The turtle lives twixt pleated decks which practically conceal its sex. I find it clever of the turtle in such a fix to be so fertile.

- Ogden Nash

(yeah, I know their tortoises)


The Humper is actually an African Leopard Tortoise Geochelone (Stigmochelys) pardalis and the Humpee is an African Spurred Tortoise Geochelone (Centrochelys) sulcata.


I thought that the exhibit gave the tortoises some cat name. I remembered it as “Tiger”. The zoo’s website had spurred tortoises listed so I figured my memory was wrong.

Wait, those critters are trying to mate outside their species? tsk, tsk! ;)

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