At the festivities (sort of …)



Unfortunately, it was one of these tickets. Oh well…


Wow. I have some friends who ended up in the Purple Tunnel of Doom. I settled for hearing the event remotely.

Since this is a Prof. Steve Steve post, I’d like to point out that we need only four more Steves to hit 1,000! It really irked me that the Texas SBOE was wheeling out and misrepresenting the Dissent from Darwin list again, so I’ve sent out a few more invites. Come on, we gotta do it before Darwin’s 200th birthday!

Professor, it was a pleasure to finally meet you the other night at the book store with Lauri Lebo (author of “The Devil in “Dover” for readers who don’t know). You probably figured that that was me who mentioned ID’s “bait and switch” and “don’t ask, don’t tell” tactics, and Michael Behe’s admission at the Dover trial that, to accommodate ID, science would have to be so liberalized that it would accommodate astrology as well.

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