A Video Birthday Card

I got this from Rob Pennock:

Society for Study of Evolution has created a video birthday card to wish Charles Darwin a Happy 200th Birthday. You can view the YouTube birthday greetings at the following link:


Other details of the SSE Darwin 200 outreach projects are or soon will be posted at:


Please help SSE extend this outreach project, by forwarding the links broadly to your other professional societies, departments, groups and friends.

Happy Darwin Day!



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I saw this on the Darwin 200th birthday Facebook group (we broke 200,000, by the way!) - it’s wonderful! Look at the NCSE with the harmonies!

Nice harmony from the NCSE gang!

Hi James F and RBH,

I agree completely; that’s a terrific blend of harmonies from Genie, Glenn and the rest of the gang over at NCSE. But I also thought Neil Shubin’s greeting with Tiktaalik was absolutely priceless too.

Happy Darwin Day to Everyone!



I also have to single Sean B. Carroll out for extra praise today since he participated in an online “webinar” organized by the Darwin 200th birthday Facebook group, along with several other prominent scientists and science writers. It will be available in mp3 and PowerPoint format soon.

You can find commemorative souvenirs on Darwin 200th anniversary at the following link:


Happy Darwin Day!

Great video! Happy Birthday, Charles Darwin.

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