Freshwater Hearing Status


We’ve received emails wondering what’s going on in the administrative hearing on John Freshwater’s termination. It was due to resume Friday of last week but that session was canceled at the last minute, apparently because of schedule conflicts among the attorneys. It is now scheduled to resume tomorrow morning, Feb 26, and as far as I know – and I’ve talked this afternoon with people who should know – that’s still on.

Late Update Just got a call at 5:00 pm. The referee has canceled tomorrow’s session for some reason, but Friday is still (allegedly) on.


Well I was wondering but Phil Platt waylaid me. Nuff said

Dover was so long ago, I keep forgetting how drawn-out these kinds of things can be when they’re happening in real time.

Man, I was *wondering* about that!

I thought maybe you guys forgot about it or something. :)

Aaron said:

Man, I was *wondering* about that!

I thought maybe you guys forgot about it or something. :)

There’s a fair number of people who’d like to forget about it, along with the $200K it’s so far cost the school system.

Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll call Bobby Jindal as a witness - that way, with luck, we can kill two birds with one stone.…

The stupefying and painfully dull agony of this whole process comes through here with unpleasant clarity. I pity the school district officials – it puts them in a wretched position to fire anyone. Then again, it also makes them more careful about who they hire, and ensures they make it clear to their staff that there are “Lines Which Should Not Be Crossed”.

Cheers – MrG /

OT but related question:

Does anyone know the status of the Christine Comer lawsuit? I haven’t seen anything after the July ‘08 filing. ISTR a planned Nov. ‘08 start. Has it been delayed, dropped, settled out of court?

When he looses and is fired, who pays the bills?

There must be some way to re-retard the BS.

Gary Hurd said: When he looses and is fired, who pays the bills?

I just hope he hasn’t been on paid leave the entire time the administrative proceedings have gone on.

If I were Freshwater’s lawyer I’d throw a Hail Mary and claim the cross mark was a stigmata.

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