Majerus tribute


The University of Cambridge has published a long tribute to Michael Majerus. Well worth the read, it gives an overview of the man’s career and research passions.


P.S.: In the pretty annoying category, Creation-Evolution Headlines says:

Passing: CEH mourns the death of Dr. Michael Majerus, who worked tirelessly preaching that peppered moths prove evolution (see Cambridge Network and the 09/03/2007 entry). We grieve that a skilled scientist devoted at least 8 years of his life trying to promote a worthless idea, and we take no pleasure in the death of the wicked. Man knows not his time. Are you investing yours wisely?

If I heard somebody say something like that to my face my response would be unprintable here.

Cheers – MrG /

Far too many creationists have sick minds.

I thought Majerus’ work on the moths was excelllent and was primarily detailed field studies not polemics

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