Pavo cristatus albus


Pavo cristatus albus — albino peacock, Folsom City Zoo


Are you sure this is a genuine albino, and not a peacock that put too much bleach in its laundry?

I believe that white peafowl (P. cristatus albus) are not albinos, but are simply white varieties. Look at the eye–it’s pigmented. I think there is some pigment in the legs and feet as well.

Being merely a white variety means that they are more hardy, less sensitive to sunlight, than albinos would be.

I used to wonder why anyone would want a white peacock, considering how beautiful both the Indian Peacocks and the Java Green Peacocks are. But in formal gardens, the white variety fits in very well.

Glen D

The white meat must be really white!

Is albus a subspecies? That is what the name you used indicates.

Is Albus Dumbledore a white bumblebee?

Are you sure it’s not an Aylesbury Duck dressed up for the Inaugural Ball? ( )

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