The Neanderthalome


Ever wonder what a Neanderthal looked like? Well now you can clone one and find out.

A Neanderthal genome has been released.


Soon this will be a reality.…

But seriously, I know how hard Svante Paabo was pushing to have it released on Darwin’s 200th birthday, so major kudos to his group!

I love that commercial, I think its the best one they did in that series.

In a BBC programme a while ago, TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh was made up to look like a Neanderthal (based on what we know about Neanderthal fossil skulls). He subsequently went on a walkabout sporting his new appearance. While he did attract the occasional stare, most people in the street simply ignored him. You can have a look at what he looked like as a Neanderthal here:

You can have a look at what he looked like as a Neanderthal here:

If he had shaved, gotten a haircut, and had access to a good dentist growing up, there wouldn’t have been that much about him that was dramatically out of the normal, other than the somewhat brooding forehead and a big schnoz.

Then again, Owen Wilson has a big nose, and it works for him.

And now to think of it, this is London we’re talking about, maybe the dentist thing isn’t so important either…

At roughly 3.2 billion base pairs,[1] the Neanderthal genome is about the size of the modern human genome; according to preliminary sequences, modern human and Neanderthal DNA appear to be 99.5% identical.

It is interesting that the relatedness between any 2 modern humans can be as low as…99.5%.

Clearly they were closely related to us.

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