Coelogyne barbata


Coelogyne barbata — orchid, Southeast Asia. Orchid courtesy of Lloyd Gelman, past president, Boulder Orchid Society.


It seems very strange to create (excuse me, intelligently design) an orchid to let some male insect have a bit of an embarrassing moment. That certainly qualifies as irreducibly complex…

What is the pollinating insect species?

KP said:

What is the pollinating insect species?

Oh, and did Noah remember to take a male and female aboard the Ark so that these orchids (the ones that survived being under 30,000 feet of water anyway) would have a pollinator in the post-Flood world???

(sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ve been stuck in YEC/bible literalist world for too long)

But its still just a plant - it didn’t grew legs, arms, or a brain!!111!!one!!

Looks like it was actually found on the Minbari homeworld. ‘Tis another great photo, Matt.

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