I love Walter ReMine

Some of you might be familiar with the work of Walter ReMine. He’s been around the fringes of the online creation-evolution thing for quite a while now. His typical schtick involves the relentless self-promotion of his self-published book The Biotic Message, which he claims represents a revolutionary new origins theory of some sort.

It’s been a while since ReMine was last on my radar screen, but he’s posted a couple of items over at Uncommon Descent recently. These are advertised as the first two parts of a multiple-part essay of unspecified length. He promises that this essay will introduce readers to “Message Theory” - a term which he uses often, always with the capital letters, but has yet to actually define. Instead, he devoted all of his first post and half the second to a discussion of the importance of testability, and why it’s such a good thing that Message Theory is actually testable. (He does not, of course, explain how to test it in either post.) The remaining half-post is devoted to an explanation for why it’s not possible for him to publish his idea in the form of scientific papers - apparently, it’s too wide-ranging and comprehensive to fit in anything less than a book.

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