Red Lynx: A Population Genetics Simulator

I’ve been building this simulator off and on for a few months. It is called Red Lynx and is written completely in client-side javascript using jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery SVG plugin.

My goal is to host several of these javascript toys and teaching tools on PT and allow our readers to experiment with them. I’ll be back later to explain the model, but I want to give y’all the chance to play with it and try to deduce the model beforehand. (Of course, you can look at the code, but that’s cheating.)

This simulation is inspired by a few Java applets written by Kent Holsinger at the University of Connecticut. Dan Earle came through big time by porting the binomial random number generator from GSL to javascript.

Internet Explorer does not have native support for SVG graphics. You can install Adobe SVG viewer or the Renesis Player to use the simulator.

Update: I’ve made some changes based on feed back that I’ve received and some new ideas I had.