Oak Toe Lichen


Oak Toe Lichen, Carolina Beach State Park


Fungus (and algae or cyanobacteria) among us!

Wheels said:

Fungus (and algae or cyanobacteria) among us!

Those little blue thingies… Are they Generals or foot soldiers?

They’re Smurfs.

Women always tell me I’m a fun guy. Or is it fungi?

Toe Lichen?

Sounds like some weird kind of fetish if you ask me.

Shame they don’t taste like truffles.

Pretty little things. First time I’ve heard of them. Are they restricted to the US? Anything particularly of interest to warrant them being here?

A more general question. Can anyone give a link to a review of lichen evolution suitable for a scientist (but non-biologist)?

Those little suckers make GREAT “trees & bushes” when you’re playing WarHammer 40k.

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