Fregata magnificens


Fregata magnificens – Male frigate bird, displaying, Gal�pagos Islands.


No, he IS just pleased to see you.

Mr. Young, I believe you mislabeled the above organism, which is indeed fascinating. The caption should read something like this:

Behold, the juvenile Creationist bloaticus, in the early stages of information obfuscation. Watch as this magnificent creature swells up with years and years-worth of intellectual detritus! Despite appearances, this particular specimen is not suffering from a parasitic disease; the bloaticus goes through this cyclic phase regularly. Unfortunately most die before reaching adulthood, and increasingly so in recent years, which makes bloaticus an endangered species.

This particular specimen has been popularly nicknamed Ida Dembski.

That thing is like the Donald Trump of birds. “Look at me! I’m better than everyone else!”

You are likely to see frigates over the SW coast of Florida when a hurricane tracks through the Florida Straights. They hang high (sharp eyes required to see them) over the shoreline facing the wind like weather vanes, appearing to watch something far beyond a ground-based horizon. At such times they are stately and masterful gliders and very lovely to see, even in the face of possible stormy weather.

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