Immune cross on Science Origins blog; more at Evolution2009 at UNK

Following up on the Science story on the origin of adaptive immunity and the role it played in the Kitzmiller case, the Science Origins blog has a short interview they did with me while writing the article. It didn’t make the final cut for the print version, but it is nifty for it to be online. I hope I sufficiently acknowledged my PT collaborators and all the other friends/enemies on the net that made that particular bit of the Behe cross-examination seem like a good idea.

Also, while I am on this topic, I should mention that I have been invited to speak about the role of evolutionary science in the Kitzmiller case, with special focus on the immune system science and how it was used in the Behe cross-examination. This will occur on September 3, 2009 at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Here is the link for the meeting, September 2-4, 2009: It looks like a fantastic lineup of speakers. The early (cheaper) registration deadline is July 31. And yes, I am mentioned in the same sentence as another speaker, Jack friggin’ Horner, which is just weird. (PS: Email me if you’ll be in the area and want to meet up!)

Here’s the flier the organizer, Brad Ericson, sent me, and asked to have put up: Evolution2009_poster_Univ_Nebraska_Kearney.pdf