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The deadline for entries to the Florida Citizens for Science Stick Science Contest is fast approaching – it’s May 31, 2009. See the FCS site for da roolz. The general goal:

Your job is to create a cartoon that can be used to educate the general public and especially decision makers (state legislators, school board members) about the truth behind one false science argument. Choose an argument, either one I’ve mentioned above or another one you are familiar with, and create a cartoon that corrects the record.

Note that it is a science education goal, not creationist bashing:

Your cartoon can be funny or educational or a combination of both; however, the cartoon should not be mean-spirited or single out a real person for ridicule.

The judges are Genie Scott, Carl Zimmer, Phil Plait, and Kate Miller. Give them something to do, and win prizes to boot!


however, the cartoon should not be mean-spirited or single out a real person for ridicule.

That’s ambiguous. Is Kent Hovind a real person or not?

That’s ambiguous. Is Kent Hovind a real person or not?

Hovind doesn’t count, he’s already a caricature.

Teachers and students may be interested in this contest for middle and high schoolers. The next round will open in late June for cash prizes. – Announces Winner of Its First Science Video Competition This Month High Schoolers Post Their Own Videos for Review, Comment, and Sharing (Louisville, KY)—May 19, 2009–, an educational community for teen student scientists worldwide, revealed its winners of the first TestToob Challenge on its site to its membership this month. Joining is free and open to teachers, parents, students of all ages, and virtually anyone interested in science. has launched its beta social networking community for collaboration and e-learning. The site enables users to upload and share video of themselves doing experiments, and to view and rate original video content by others. All of this occurs inside a safe on-line environment. Featured videos will be available in a public area on beginning today, says Founder and CEO Lopa Mehrotra. “We’ll be running more contests this summer and throughout the school year. Keep your experiments coming, and invite your friends to join to watch your videos,” she said. Winners received a $15 gift card or more based on total postings, and were formally announced on the site’s feature of the day area in the following categories: Blockbusters – Videos with the highest number of views People’s Choice – Videos with the highest rankings Young Spielbergs – Videos that display innovation and creativity Young Einsteins – Videos that accurately and successfully express science methodology Mr. Bean – Bloopers and outtakes that keep you laughing All winners are currently in high school and from the states of KY, NY, Texas, and more. Register to be a site member, and check out the following winners: A. People’s Choice Award Winner AmeliaandJames with the chemistry video entitled, “Workshop Wednesday. B. Mr. Bean Award Winner Becknerlor with the chemistry video entitled, “Young Einsteins Present … Blundering Bloopers.” C. Young Spielbergs Award Winner Jenwahl with the physics video entitled, “Physics is Phascinating.” D. Blockbusters Award Winner Keelysis with the chemistry video entitled, “Methane Bubbles.” E. Young Einsteins Award Winner Rccs with the chemistry video entitled, “Chemiluminescent Reaction.” -more- In keeping with its privacy policies, students’ actual names and locations cannot be revealed to the general public.

About welcomes partnerships with foundations, school systems, and providers of educational products and services. The learning site for science enthusiasts launched in October 2007. The founder and CEO Lopa Mehrotra videotaped her young daughter experimenting with the properties of rocks in the driveway of their home, and the idea for was born. She realized that online video sharing could allow students and teachers worldwide to champion their science discoveries, as well as foster self-expression, experimentation and innovation in a secure, private environment.

For those who don’t read the comics page, Wiley Miller often takes a dig at creationist hokum in his syndicated comic strip, Non Sequitur.

He’s got a gift for capturing “IDiot”

The cartoon should not be mean-spirited or single out an individual for ridicule. Heh heh. Won’t be on Panda’s Tum, then.

Ida, speaking to Novparl.

Islam and Israel eXist today. That’s a fact.… And they both have a ‘seed’ of origin and it, comes straight from the Torah. That’s a fact too.…

(the “”) Genesis 16, Islam.…borne by a rouge Archangel of HaShem…

Genesis 17, Israel…borne by HaShem.…

That must mean the Torah, is the Gospel Truth.…

“And that’s the truth…RASPBERRY.…!” (Lilly Tomlin SNL)

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