Firefox 3.5


Firefox 3.5 is out. To celebrate, I’m going to try out the new video tag.

And all the peasants rejoiced!


But was it intelligently designed? ;)

Great!…another *#!@^*+ browser vesion I have code, test and tweak a .css for!

I’d rather chew tinfoil

Will it work well with Windows 7 64 bit? I find myself going back and forth between explorer 32 and 64 bit on my Win 7 homebrew lovingly gathered and assembled by She Who Must Be Honored, and want a do-it-all browser.

HTML 5 FTW. Ogg Theora vid played straight out of the box.

Less memory hog = happiness, joy.

386sx said:

Less memory hog = happiness, joy.

Even better than Internet Explorer on memory (so far from what I can tell at least).

has spell checking, great for blogs!

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