Mark Your Calendars


Future Evolution (SSE+SSB+ASN) Meetings:

2010 Portland, Oregon (Portland State University)

2011 Norman, Oklahoma (University of Oklahoma)

2012 Ottawa, Ontario

Future SMBE Meetings:

2010 Lyon, France

I wonder if the politicians in Oklahoma will try to ban the evolution meeting like they tried to ban Dawkins. I bet you will see some bills trying to ban state funds for being used for the conference and others that demand an equally sized creationism conference. Good luck with that.


”2012 Ottawa, Ontario”

AWESOME! *marks calender*

Was there any talk of a combined meeting with Europe? It was discussed at the last ESEB meeting, in Uppsala, but I don’t know what happened after that.

Ottawa will be a combined meeting with the European and Canadian societies of evolutionary biology.

Actually, Dawkins has expressed an interest in returning to Oklahoma. The Evolution meeting is under consideration.

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